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 It's almost malpractice not to have the data that Court Data Technologies
can provide when preparing a criminal defense.

About CourtTracker

What our clients say...

"CDT provided fast, accurate criminal law data, unavailable elsewhere, allowing us to make informed litigation decisions, and arguments based on fact rather than instinct or guesswork."

" The CourtTracker data was, to say the least, eye-opening. It caused the prosecutor to request an adjournment in order to respond. (He asked me how I had compiled the data as he had never seen anything like it before.) And in the end, I believe it had a material, beneficial effect on the sentencing outcome."

CourtTracker™was recently reviewed on the University of Wisconsin Law Library Blog, read that here.

Research Tool for Criminal Defense Attorneys

CourtTracker™ is an ensemble of research and informational tools related to Wisconsin circuit court data, including case assignments, dispositions, sentencings, and court calendars. CourtTracker™ was developed specifically for the needs of criminal defense attorneys. The CourtTracker™ toolset is a service of Court Data Technologies LLC, a small and focused consulting group in Madison, Wisconsin.

Significantly Different Treatment Under the Law

In her 2005 State of the Judiciary address, Chief Justice Shirley S. Abrahamson noted the difficulties of building a decision making process in sentencing that accounts for individual variables while offering some degree of predictability and uniformity.

While Truth-In-Sentencing and sentencing guidelines have moved the state courts toward consistency and uniformity in recent years, these were never intended to replace the court's traditional exercise of discretion, and individual criminal cases still receive unique and sometimes significantly different treatment.

Arguments Based on Fact

Experienced criminal defense attorneys know Wisconsin law and the nuances of justice. They usually do an excellent job of amassing the details that support their cases. They take depositions, propound interrogatories, investigate and corroborate details, and ferret out witnesses.

Paradoxically, when it comes to sentencing and plea agreements, counsel too often relies on limited personal memory of analogous cases. Depending on the commonness of the charge and familiarity with the prosecutor, judge, and other factors, this reliance can be misplaced and a detriment to the client's defense.

Court Data Technologies provides facts for criminal defense preparation. Using innovative technology, we have built sophisticated scripts and programming to query circuit court criminal data in ways that no one else can. For attorneys, this means access to a wealth of information and the ability to explore criminal case data in search of patterns and systematic relationships.

Introducing CourtTracker™

Now, using the CourtTracker™ web research tool, defense attorneys have a fast and simple means to know with certainty what has transpired in selected sets of Wisconsin circuit court criminal cases.

A Powerful Research Tool

Specific details regarding each circuit court case are available publicly on the Wisconsin CCAP web site. Many attorneys have used CCAP for research in the past, and are aware of the limitations of CCAP as a research tool.

CourtTracker™ has the same raw data as CCAP, but has more versatile and powerful searches, useful sorting, and ingenious features designed for criminal defense research. CourtTracker™ will find the case data that attorneys need and present the details in a format that attorneys can use.

CourtTracker™ is simple and fast: Log onto a website, click on a few selection fields, and within seconds the results of your query are in front of you. If you need more/ less/ different data, the query can be changed with a few more clicks, and new results are displayed.

CourtTracker™ turns the CCAP data into a resource for defense counsel.

CCAP was built for the courts, but

CourtTracker was built for attorneys.

CourtTracker™ features:

• Verifiable case data from CCAP including criminal misdemeanor, felony, and traffic cases dating back over 15 years.
• Easy to use and available at all times via the Web.
• Search on counties, statutes, prosecutors, defendant demographics, and much more.
• See the relevant case detail, dispositions, and sentences within seconds.
• Find similar cases, identify trends and patterns, discover exceptions.
• CourtTracker™ provides a compendious history of past cases to better predict future court actions.

Exceptional Value

CourtTracker™is offered by annual subscription per firm WITH UNLIMITED SEARCHES. The price is very reasonable and depends on the size of the firm, and number and type of criminal cases represented annually.

Call us at (608) 442-0600 to learn more.

CourtTracker™ is the leading source for Wisconsin criminal court case data including case demographics, dispositions, sentencing, judicial and prosecutorial assignments, statistics, and court calendars.